Our customers recognize the value of their buildings and rely on our quality service to maintain, preserve and enhance those valuable assets. We believe in going beyond our customer’s expectation and provide an exceptional support. We are capable of providing outstanding service levels to any industry or business group. From corporate headquarters and office buildings to retail centers and medical-office buildings, Cornerstone Maintenance Group services offers full-service facility solutions to meet the unique business needs of our diverse group of clients.


  • Retail, Shopping Centers and Malls
    The demands of the high-traffic, retail environment require a service provider that can meet these day-to-day challenges as well as the emergency needs that often arise. Our staff is always available to meet the demands of your shoppers – including nights, weekends and holidays. Regional shopping centers, neighborhood & community centers, lifestyle & boutique centers, power centers, strip centers, specialty & theme centers, department stores, big box centers, outlet & discount centers, shopping malls and gallerias, open-air malls, and auto malls. We service them all.
  • Commercial Retail Outlets
    We can directly serve retail businesses that provide products, goods, and supplies to the consumer public. These include department stores, clothing outlets, home improvement suppliers, household goods, vehicle services, food services, etc., located within shopping centers & malls, boutique shops & specialty centers, and kiosks.
  • Property Management Companies
    We serve building management firms with all types of service, maintenance and repairs for their properties.
  • Commercial Office Buildings
     From boardrooms to parking lots and more, CMG keeps your property looking great and running smoothly. Our team can accommodate the full spectrum of commercial office needs, from small office buildings to corporate campuses including (manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses). Additionally, we can provide predictive and preventive maintenance programs to prepare for and avoid the expenses of emergency repairs.
  • Senior Resident Housing/ Assisted Living
    We can provide residents with a rewarding way of life means facing challenges every day. CMG Services is here to support your mission of improving the quality of life for residents by leveraging our resources with the expertise of your community’s staff. CMG provides peace of mind with our proactive and preventative approach to facility care.
  • Hospitality Facilities
    We also can serve clients that have housing and dormitory facilities as well as hotel and resort facilities. Providing various services in facility maintenance and general contracting.
  • Medical Office Buildings
    We can serve medical offices, clinics, and out-patient facilities working through management companies and directly with the individual medical practitioner. Current health care clients include hospitals, medical offices, and research facilities throughout the area. CMG utilizes a state-of-the-art interactive information technology platform assuring compliance, real-time reporting and operational control. We are fully trained and equipped to address the unique needs of your facility.
  • Banking and Financial
    We serve both regional and independent customer facilities including branch locations, data centers, and satellite kiosk location within food markets, malls, etc.
  • Municipal Facilities
    We serve municipal facilities, parks & grounds including large open community areas, mixed use public developments, city center facilities, libraries, training centers, and housing and dormitory facilities.and special projects with code enforcement departments.
  • Food Service Industry
    We provide services for retail food outlets, grocery stores, food courts within shopping malls, warehouse and distribution facilities, and associated business affiliates.
  • Non-Profit Charitable Organizations
    We provide services for non-profit corporations including corporate offices
  • High End/ Luxury Residents 
     Providing services for condominium projects, apartment complexes, planned unit developed single family homes, clubhouses and common areas associated with these projects.
  • Education/Learning Institutions
    We can serve public and private institutions, training centers, college facilities, and technical institutes.
  • Theaters / Entertainment
    We service theaters and sports entertainment facilities including lighting and various maintenance services. We also service entertainment parks, community fun centers and sports facilities.
  • Churches Facilities
    We provide services for church organizations, non-profit and/or their mixed use facilities. CMG integrated services are ideal for servicing this community because of our ability to provide top notch service and coordinate multiple trade services, while maintaining exceptional pricing. This allows the church administration and pastoral staffing to more freely focus on their core objectives and goals for their community.